That old "ESPN"

Somehow, I managed to be finished with my doctor’s appointment by 8:30 this morning at the local VA clinic. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised because I figured, correctly, that my doctor would do nothing except refer me to a neurologist, which he did. No telling how long the VA will take for that appointment to happen.

My medical complaint this morning was that I have developed a case of the shakes over the past two weeks. It’s not the “wine shakes” because I have had a few drinks on several occasions recently and the spirits didn’t deter my tremors.

Of course, you can’t help but worry in cases such as mine about Parkinson’s or some other disease that could make my life an even bigger pile than it is already. I have the feeling though that shakes have something to do with my arthritically-tortured cervical spine. Maybe it’s a pinched nerve or maybe a nerve was damaged when I had my epidural steroid injection recently. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to be freaked about something like that.

Betti, my old friend from my Navy days in Gulfport, called me last night. She said before I even spoke that she had some kind of “ESPN” (her joking version of ESP)that I wasn’t doing well. She was right on several different levels. Still, it lifted my spirits to hear from Betti. Your friends help make all the other stuff you are going through tolerable.

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