The Admiral and Tennille. If only it were true.

In a call for new nautical leadership, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced he was promoting Daryl Dragon to admiral.


The “Captain’s” longtime spouse and singing partner Toni Tennile filed for divorce in January. Court documents in the case had allegedly referenced health issues or health insurance issues, according to TMZ. Tennille said on her blog that Dragon suffers from neurological conditions not unlike Parkinson’s disease, which caused his hands to shake so badly he could no longer play piano.

 “Not really ‘full blown PD, or Parkinson’s Disease, but enough of a handicap to stifle (stop) his (keyboard) playing, as well as his typing skills, etc.,” said an update in Toni’s blog.

Oh well. Best of Luck, Admiral Dragon (just joking, he really wasn’t named an admiral, but maybe that would put him in better spirits, or perhaps he could be made captain of a real ship like the USS George H.W. Bush, which is now launching warplanes for sorties in Iraq.) I have shaking hands that I don’t know from what source for sure. I hope it doesn’t affect my typing skills.

As for Toni, keep those big pearly whites polished. It makes listening to “Muskrat Love” all that more appealing. Well, not really. But whatever.