The Baby Runners

Pulling a rickshaw through some Third World city could be considered an optimum workout for the new mommy.

This morning on my walk on the hike-bike trail along the creek I was suddenly and unexpectedly descended upon by The Baby Runners. These are the relatively new, in-the-zone mommies who zip by with their babies firmly planted in what is known as a “jogging stroller.”

I saw the first one, then another, then another, then another one right after the other. I thought maybe they all got together in the wooded loop for a quick cigarette or joint, then off they go!

It probably is great exercise pushing a baby around in a stroller while jogging. The babies didn’t seem to mind although I swear one had this godawful expression on its face as if it was concerned that Mommy might accidentally veer off, crashing through the underbrush and plunging into the creek.

Personally, I think pulling an old-fashioned rickshaw around would be a good workout for anyone (but me) and especially new mommies wanting to trim down just a skosh. I mean, screw the rubber buggy baby bumper. A rickshaw would be the H2 Hummer of the jogging strollers. Not only could Mommy get her exercise and take the small fry for a stroll at a good clip, she could could run to the store, the dry cleaners, the post office, all the while zipping in and out of traffic.

Maybe the baby rickshaw SUV will be the wave of the future in the Gordian knot of balancing new motherhood, physical fitness and low emission transportation.

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