The ever-traveling bad day

 As you may have noticed, I didn’t post anything yesterday. That is because I spent eight hours at the local VA clinic, the latter hours awaiting on my foot X-Ray results which ultimately were not sent back to the doctor by closing time.

 Later in the evening I called the Tele-nurse line and asked them about my X-Rays and I was told no evidence of a fracture was found. You could have fooled me. But come to think of it, the VA didn’t find a fracture when my other little toe was broken about six years ago. When I had foot X-Rays several months back because of neuropathy problems in my feet, the pictures then showed that a fracture had occurred in that toe.

 For reasons I don’t want to discuss because they are too long and ridiculous to go into, I question the workmanship involved in the X-Rays. That is all I will say, take it as it is. Then again, the toe might not be broken. It looked worse than my other toe when it fractured though.

 As you might expect, the episode yesterday at the VA was not fun. It has basically ruined both my days — yesterday and today.  I have not been a delight to talk to. For instance, I almost called a deputy sheriff running the X-Ray machine at the county courthouse an a**hole. That wouldn’t have been good. Accurate, perhaps, but not good.

 The point in all this is that a bad day has consequences that sometimes go beyond one day. Only you can prevent a bad day, sez Smokey! Or something like that.