The misadventures of flying in T-storm alley

11:39 a.m., IAH. I should have been boarded by now, but a thunderstorm that moved over DFW has slowed my plane to DFW by an hour and thus my plane to MCI has also been pushed back an hour.

Those are notes I would write myself were I writing notes to myself. Given the kind of weather pattern that has been prevalent lately in the Great Plains, some delays are to be expected when flying north from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth to Kansas City. The extreme of the type of weather I speak of is like last evening’s killer tornado in Joplin, Mo. Some 89 people died in that storm.

In fact, it looks as if a storm passed over Kansas City earlier today. Hopefully, that will be the last one but I doubt it.

Of course, a storm especially one precipitating a ground stop such as the one temporarily today at DFW can create all kinds of havoc for fliers. (Am I a prophet or just for-profit?)

5:16 p.m., DFW. Our flight from Houston spent 35 minutes on the runway at IAH waiting to take off. The trip to DFW took about 30 minutes, but we spent 1 1/2 hours on the runway waiting for a gate. I had received a number of flight notifications about my next plane to Kansas City and it looked as if I might make it. I go to the gate and what do I see? A flight to New York. I finally determine my flight is supposed to depart from that gate. Who knows.

A deadhead (off-duty) American pilot told me they had quite a T-storm at DFW and it messed things up, to say the least.

The misadventure continues.