The Nielsens provide a $2 moment of serendipity

Anytime you receive unexpected money it has to be good. Even if it’s bad or if it turns out bad, when you look and see that check or cold, hard cash, it’s a good thing in my book.

I just got two very clean, very crisp $1 bills in the mail that look at the very least like the I-notes haven’t yet been used to snort cocaine. My serendipity comes courtesy of The Nielsen Company. Yes, the very ones that rate television programs.

The ratings company sent me a short questionnaire about television-related topics and I answered it and used my spit to seal it in their postage paid envelope. They even paid for the freaking postage after giving me $2 for about three minutes work, what guys!

I don’t know if they will send me more questions or if I will become an official member of the “Nielsen Family.” I hope so because, as people who read this blog either occasionally or regularly know, I will sure as shootin’ give my opinion. Especially for cash money. Especially for serendipitous cash.