There are good eats at the end. Trust me. You’ll gain a few pounds.

It’s the weekend. Time to cut a rug. Or cut a tree. Or cut a big ol’ piece of pe-can pie. That reminds me. A week or two ago I had an appointment with my neurologist at the VA hospital in Houston. I stayed the day before at a hotel near the Texas Medical Center, where my hospital is located.

During that trip I managed to meet up for lunch with my good friends from Missouri City. That is a suburb of Houston, I suppose you’d call it. It is right next door to Southwest Houston, in Fort Bend County.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen my friends Tere and Marcy. We all went to college around the same time though not exactly together. Maybe my friend Tere will let me write about how we know each other someday. If she does, maybe I will let me write about it. It’s been a year or more since we’ve all seen each other though. And I really like their company. They are some enjoyable ladies whom I am proud to call friends.

With that said, we met up for lunch that day before my appointment. We had not exactly decided where we were going to eat. Actually, we had not decided at all as it turned out. It was more like let’s go to this place and we ended up going to a place next to that place. Ultimately we chose a Pappas Bar-B-Q near Reliant Stadium, also near where I was staying.

As we were going inside, or perhaps as we were choosing to eat at Pappas, I told my friends I had eaten there long ago. As it turns out, I was wrong. I may have eaten at Pappas somewhere. Hell, they’re all over Houston, not to mention the Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Pappadeaux Seafood, Pappas Burger and more, under the umbrella Pappas Restaurants all originating from a Greek family. Some of the family ended up in Houston selling beer coolers. Now the company is comprised of 8 different restaurants in 80 different locations in the Southwest, South and Midwest.

I didn’t know all that when I thought I had been there before and wrongly told my friends. I have been to Pappadeaux, located just down the highway from me here in Beaumont. No, I was thinking about another family which run the Goode Company.

The Goode Company Barbeque on Kirby Drive in Houston was the place I was thinking about. I rode there in a limo one night with some friends, one of whom was to be married the next day. I think our party lasted longer than the wedding did. Nonetheless, we pulled up outside and had some barbecue that night back in the last century. The barbecue was good. It was all good.

I have since been to the same good Goode barbecue place as well as the nearby Armadillo Palace, another of the Goode label. A very spiffy little bar and grill it is. In 2011 I would be made to move my pickup within the establishment’s parking lot so a limo could pull up. Inside the limo was some member of the Baltimore Ravens, who had beaten the Texans that next day. I should have just waited until I was finished with my meal. Or, until security came.

Before I get too way off track, as Tere, Marcy and I were checking out of Pappas we happened to notice these almost-larger-than-life desserts for sale. One was a cheesecake. The other a Pe-can pie. I bet five people could have eaten that pie. About one-fifth of that thing looked scrumptious. My blood sugar levels spiked just looking at them. We did not eat the dessert. We probably put on three pounds just looking at it. Just so you know, a whole pe-can pie is $13.95. You could probably feed a whole North African village with one.

I wrote all of this, just for the ending. Happy weekend.

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