They'll continue to have this Nixon to kick around

Who said they wouldn’t have Drew Nixon to kick around again? Oh that was Richard Nixon and since he’s dead I think he doesn’t have to worry about people kicking him around unless you believe in Hellfire Damnation and his orchestra.

Drew Nixon is an entirely different matter. A grand jury in Panola County, Texas, indicted the former state senator after he allegedly mislead two potential candidates for an election to a water supply district board. Nixon was both an accountant and election administrator for the district.

For those of you who might not know the otherwise obscure former Texas lawmaker, he is the same geeky guy that was busted in 1997 for offering an undercover officer in Austin $35 for oral sex. This is despite the fact that everyone knows the going rate is $50. No, just kidding about the latter.

Nixon’s indictment comes after an investigation by Texas’ wheelchair-bound Attorney General Greg “Ironsides” Abbott.

“Texas will not tolerate illegal acts that undermine the integrity of the electoral process,” said Abbott, in a press release. “Election officials have a duty to serve the public’s interest, not their own. Voters can rest assured the Office of the Attorney General is committed to strictly enforcing election laws.”

I’m certainly glad voters can rest assured about something, although resting assured that Abbott is committed to strictly enforcing election laws is not a matter of which I would normally rest assured, or assured-er. One may read the entire indictment and press release on Abbott’s Web page. One may also find on that Web page, Greg’s favorite movies and what is loaded on his iPod.

Nixon is certainly not dumb but he has made some very stupid mistakes over the course of his career as an accountant and elected official. It pains me the most not because he was or maybe still is a Republican, but for the fact that he graduated from my Alma Mater Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogodches, Texas, Nicknamed Steve U. Home of the Lumberjacks and we’re OK. That is, except for Drew Nixon.

FYI, here is a Wikipedia article about Greg Abbott and the freak accident that left him wheelchair bound. It’s pretty weird.

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