Thinking skeeters and bumbling Cardinals while my mind is on annual leave

Remain, do I, on annual leave although as warned I still might post and thus it is that I write–strangely.

Skeeters buzzin,’ everywhere. Everyone has a different theory it seems

Perhaps it is the attack of the mosquitoes. I do not know for sure what is behind it. One local newsperson here on the Mosquito Coast of Southeast Texas said that authorities or experts or somebody blamed the skeeters on a recent high tide. What the puck? Don’t we have high tides all the time? Was there a tsunami on the Jefferson County coast when no one was looking?

Besides, it isn’t just us getting bitten by the little f*****s. They are everywhere. Houston. San Antonio. And everyone seems to have a different reason for the swarms. It is sort of like when gas prices spike.

Oh well, keep the DEET handy until the cold front later this week which will supposedly deliver us from evil–mosquitoes.

Tony sez: “Can you hear me now?” Or, eh Tony, who’s the boss already?

The World Series game last night, where the Rangers went up to one game away from taking the championship, was probably the most entertaining baseball game I have seen in years. It wasn’t just the comeback Texas pulled off, but the dazzling miscues made by St. Louis’ manager Tony LaRussa and superman slugger Albert Pujols.

I seriously doubt you will see screw-ups again like that from the Cardinals when they face Texas back in St. Louis. Hopefully though, the momentum train that has left the station in Arlington will chug on through the next game at Busch Stadium III to give the Rangers their first-ever World Championship.