Time for the spaghetti and a nice tall Hurricane, Pat O’Brien style

Happy Hurricane Season!

We can say in earnest, provided earnest isn’t around, that hurricane season is here. Tropical Storm Andrea is out in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center seems to believe this will remain a tropical storm and move over mid-Florida and up the East Coast a might. No mention of the storm getting revved up to hurricane force though stranger things have happened. Remember Humberto? No? Well neither do I. I slept through the whole damn event. I just woke up in the morning and I had missed it. Although, it wasn’t the pick of the litter as hurricanes go anyway.

Hopefully, Andrea won’t be much either. But just in case, be prepared like the Boy Scout or the old hippies living in the woods, getting their groove on by raising corn and swine. Just having a good ol’ time. Oh and be sure to check your spaghetti.

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