Tis the season

Well, here it is August on the upper Texas coast and still no hurricanes have struck (thankfully). As is the case along the middle Gulf Coast in the wake of Katrina, some people here haven’t fully recovered from Hurricane Rita which blew in almost two years ago. Drive around the area and you will still see FEMA trailers, although not as many nowadays. One might even see the blue tarps covering roofs that seemed to be everywhere after Rita.

Just today the Colorado State University hurricane prediction team including noted meteorologist Dr. William Gray, revised their forecast downward a bit.

Certainly I don’t want to go through another hurricane after Rita and I know most folks probably feel that way. But it would be just too freakish if no storms appear this season after last year’s deadly quiet hurricane period. A lack of hurricanes would surely upset the balance of nature somehow. But who knows with this global warming, which some people doggedly deny just as those who insisted the world is flat.

We’ll see what happens — from a safe distance I hope.

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