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Hello down there!

This is where I live looks like from 111 nautical miles into space. It’s part of NASA’s Earth to Space database of photos taken during space shuttle missions. The above photo probably doesn’t have the best resolution, it’s actually enhanced a bit from the hazy image I got off the NASA Web site. But it gives a reasonable resemblance of Beaumont, Texas, which is dead center in the photo. Sabine Lake is at the bottom right, just before its rendezvous with the Gulf of Mexico.

I like such photos because objects look smaller than they appear. That is not to say objects don’t look small enough. But distances are nothing. People are all vacuum-packed like a bag of the locally-made Seaport Coffee, which I have come to adopt as my own coffee, by the way.

It’s a matter of perspective and you know I’m just mad about perspective. My cares and worries and frets and petty annoyances are nothing in this view from space. I’m just stuck somewhere inside and watching the sky as something from the sky watches me. No crime exists, no war, no traffic, no overdue bills.

Watching life from above is kind of a great equalizer. Sky-high equals peace.

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