To Kim Jong Il: Good night and Good Hawaiian Luck!

This in from the Korean peninsula:

What’s up with North Korea  shelling a South Korean island? Are the North Koreans nuts? No, not all of them, just their leaders. Something may eventually give way over there. I hope not, but if it does, I hope the U.S. Navy Seals or whatever U.S. military forces can go in and take back the U.S.S. Pueblo. It is anchored in Pyongyang where it is a tourist attraction and remains the only U.S. naval vessel in captivity. For this act of your ancestors and your continued idiocy, here is a Hawaiian Good Luck Sign,  Kim Jong Il. (Note: Linked is a good account of the Pueblo Incident and the ship’s captivity in the “Anchor Watch,” a Navy magazine. It is a pdf document so you may not land right on it. If not, it is Page 16. The Hawaiian Good Luck Sign is also explained if you haven’t figured it out yet from the below photo.

Can you find the "Hawaiian Good Luck Sign" in this N. Korean propaganda photo taken of U.S.S. Pueblo crewmen? Maybe not if the picture is too small.

What would happen if war broke out between the South with help from the U.S. and probably some allies, especially Japan and Australia? That is a big what if, especially with the U.S. in one and one-half-to-two wars in progress. Can you say “Draft Board?” Sure you can.

Let’s  hope it doesn’t happen but this belligerent behavior from the People’s Korean Fruit Cake can’t go on indefinitely.

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