To you fathers and fathers before

Three hours.

Three freaking hours I have sat here. I have tried to write something, even something short that’s right for going off into this weekend.

It’s not that I’ve had writer’s block. If that is indeed such a thing. Used to, I could write something for deadline made from essentially nothing and it would be a great, well, good story. When I say from nothing, that isn’t to say I made it up. It is just that I kicked my ass in gear and got to it. I have a hard time doing that sometimes today.

So, I shall just say, be careful, all you fathers out there on the highways or wherever. Be careful grilling. Whatever you are doing. Don’t make any headline news for the wrong reasons this Father’s Day!

Oddly enough, my Dad died 29 years ago tomorrow. He would have been 98 on his birthday next week. I still miss him. He didn’t make any headline news, but his picture was in the local paper one time.

All of you fathers out there, have a happy weekend. That is whether or not you get to see your kids. If your father isn’t around whether for awhile or permanently or your kids, you can still celebrate. I’m all for celebrating.






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