Too cool EU military sites

Today I have spent some time checking out Websites of the European Defence Agency — the combined armed forces of the European Union. I suppose the most interesting discovery found is that so many of the EU armed forces have practically the same military ranks as those of the U.S. military. I’m not just talking privates, sergeants, lieutenants and generals, but 1st Lt., 2nd Lt., Major, Captain, Major Gen., Lt. Gen., Rear Adm., Vice Adm., etc.

By far the coolest Web site I’ve found is that of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, that of the United Kingdom. They have a great interactive site showing the operation of their HMS Invincible class aircraft carrier and another interactive site concerning their Type 23 Frigate. If you are interested in the military of our allies, these are some very spellbinding sites.

The Royal Navy also has an interesting blog with posts relating to some of their current missions such as combating maritime piracy, which I have mentioned here before.

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