Top o' the morning or something like it

Ah, top o’ the morning to you — whatever that means. I’ve always wondered what it meant when someone says “top of the morning” to another. Is that like NOT wishing the BOTTOM of the morning to someone. And by bottom, do THEY refer to the bottom in a derogatory sense such as a horse’s bottom or backside? Or is a reference just to the time of day? Is it merely that someone is wishing the topside of the day to you? I want to know. Inquiring mimes want to know.

The top of my morning was interrupted by some jerk*** blowing his horn and driving his red pickup with a camper up close in positions meant to intimidate me inside my truck in which I was soundly sleeping. Shortly after the jerk*** left, two police officers in two separate cars came to knock on my window. I told them my dilemma, they were nice and went about their way to the top of their mornings.

Later I went to the breakfast for the homeless at St. Mark’s Episcopal. It was really tremendous though a bit eclectic: red beans and rice, cereal, banana, banana pudding, OJ (not Simpson), coffee and the nice people served the meals to you. These are some really great folks. I guess they make up for all the jerk***s out there.

I have to run. Hopefully, my truck will soon be up and running again and I can at least sleep somewhere differently. Until sometime …

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