Traffic, traffic, traffic

Greetings from cloudy ol’ Houston. What always pops into my head whenever I enter this, the nation’s fourth largest city behind Chicago, LA and NY, NY., is how messed up the traffic is here. It has been that way for as long as I can remember and probably always will be that way.

The sheer volume of automobiles alone isn’t what drives me up a wall. It is high volume and poor signage combined. Oh, they have plenty of exit signs and highway designation signs (IH-10 etc.), the problem is you don’t see them until the point where you need to exit. The highway signs with arrows of how traffic should “get along” are painted on the roadways. I guess that is handy if you are the morning traffic reporter in News Chopper 2, or whatever.

It is time to eat. A trip to the neurologist at the VA is on tap tomorrow afternoon. I should get through just in time to catch the afternoon rush hour while heading east on I-10 back to Beaumont. Traffic, what a great invention, ya’ll.