Tropical mischief

The tropics are so depressing. Not really, but a tropical depression has caught my attention. Tropical Depression 3 as it is called could become Tropical Storm Cindy or maybe even Hurricane Cindy. It is over the Yucatan Peninsula right now. Forecasts for hurricanes can be tricky, particularly at this stage. But if it follows the path that forecasters expect the storm could within a couple of days barrel northward through the Gulf of Mexico, head up Sabine Lake into the Neches River and take a direct pathway westward down my street, walk up the stairs and knock on my door. In such a case I probably won’t be at home. But I might.

But for real, the path it might take could hit around here somewhere on either the upper Texas or western Louisiana coasts. So I am keeping an eye out. Well, I’m not really keeping an eye out. That might be gross. I am being somewhat vigilant though.

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