Vivi — phone home

A man with the winning name of Septimus Winner wrote that enduring ode to lost canines everywhere: “Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?” This seems to be the question that millions of Americans are asking with regard to Vivi, the missing whippet showdog, who escaped captivity at JFK Airport in New York.

Yes, Vivi Fever has become the new national obsession and I am happy to play my very little part in it. That bit part is a result of news aggregator,, picking up some of my posts about the wayward whippet. Why this online news distributor picked up a post from a blog that is mainly read by four good friends and a couple of prairie dogs is beyond me. But since I have unwittingly (as in nitwittingly) become a voice of authority on this story, people from all over the world are checking out EFD to see if Vivi has been found.

To answer your question: No, Vivi has not been found, not to my knowledge at least.

I don’t know what that means for Vivi. I have read whippets are known to take off and hide for days. Vivi may have stowed away on another plane and could be living la vida in Puerto Vallarta for all we know. I thought that perhaps someone might have dognapped the whippet but that doesn’t seem to be the case as far as what I’ve read. So hopefully, Vivi is safe somewhere having a good dog laugh and will eventually return to its peeps and we can obsess over something new.

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