Wait for Fred Thompson or Pol Pot

Slowly, slowly, slowly, up comes Blogger. It seems when it rains computer issues it pours a river of needed updates as well as various and sundry type of cliches. As was said by the Earl of Sandwich: “I’ll have mine on rye, cut the mayo.” Yes, this is the lunacy into which I have descended due to a veritable plethora of computer woes. And it wasn’t just my computer either. No, I sent my work computer to Washington, D.C., to be fixed. With a little luck it will be back in the morning. We shall see about that.

But I am happy that I was able to fix the problem on my laptop without shelling out dollars that I definitely do not have. My repair work did require the complete reinstallation of Windows 2000, thus I lost my Office Suite and now suppose I will have to fall back on the free Open Office program. I also lost every other item that wasn’t tied down so now I will have to reconstruct my body of laptop work. It is, however, better than the alternatives. Plus, I added a printer. Constructive or no?

With that as the backdrop, I think I will wait until tomorrow to talk about Fred Thompson or Pol Pot or whomever comes to mind. Until then …

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