Waiting on Fast Eddie

Well, here we are again playing the waiting game and wondering where Tropical Storm (and perhaps even Hurry-cane) Edouard is going to strike. As it is prudent to point out, however, where the center of the storm makes landfall isn’t always as pertinent as the general vicinity in which such as system will gather.
Since I am not a meteorologist — nor do I play one on TV — I can’t say for sure what will happen where I sit — about 45 miles from the Gulf of Mexico as the hurricane-launched debris flies. But if I were to believe a significant portion of what the real weather people predict, I would say Beaumont, Texas, which is currently under a tropical storm warning, will probably get some rain and some wind. The quantities of rain and wind velocity are just something we will have to wait upon to determine.
The other imponderables such as will there be flooding, or damage or power failure or some kind of other freak occurrence are also as they (whomever ‘they’ are) TBD (to be determined).
I for one plan to stay inside as much as possible providing I don’t have to work tomorrow. But, I will or I won’t. That is the nature of hurricane season.

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