Waste some time. Look at buildings!

Sometimes you surf and find something that is a dud. Other times you find an interesting time-waster. This site I have been checking out this afternoon, Houston Architecture Info, has an unassuming and perhaps even ugly launching page. But click and ye shall find. Let us say you “Browse the Guide.” You can search buildings by size, type or city, which is pretty limited to Houston and surrounding cities though there are plenty of links worldwide. Beaumont, the city in which I reside and is about 80 miles east of Houston, is not listed.

Granted, Beaumont doesn’t have the grandest skyline. Edison Plaza, formerly known as the Entergy Building, probably catches one’s eye the most driving by on Interstate 10. At 17 stories, there are a few surrounding buildings that are taller, but the architecture does make you look no matter whether you think it is ugly. I don’t but I have looked at it from various angles and been in it quite a few times although mainly to eat at the former Le Peep. I’ve not yet been to the new Green Light Kitchen which opens in its place. It’s a “healthier choice” supposedly. That might or might not mean a “tasty choice.” You can check out their menu and decide for yourself.

Back to Houston, the architecture site provides a decent array of information on Houston skyscrapers, be it in Downtown Houston or Uptown Houston. If Houston isn’t your bag then you can find links to many cities in a number of countries other than the United States. Let’s say you want to explore the buildings of Prague, then click away.

The photos on the HAI site will blow one away if anything on the sites do. But I find buildings interesting and on the site and its links one can find the good and bad.