We gather together to join this couple in holy acrimony

Tempers are heating up between John McCain and “Catcher’s” Mitt Romney. And although I am not sure what they are arguing about, I also don’t really care.

It is curious that the right-wing noise machine is raising holy jalapenos with McCain. I caught about two seconds of Limbaugh today and, as is usually the case, he is making the tumult over the talking heads and McCain all about Rushbaugh. Limbaugh and Terrell Owens would make a nice couple.

Even if the “liberal” McCain becomes the GOP standard-bearer in the general election I really can’t see the right-wingers going against him. I mean, who are they going to vote for — Obama? The dreaded “H-word?”

Thus I think all the hullabaloo is a scam to get Dems and others who are thinking about voting for the Dem nom lulled into a false sense of security. You know the ploy, they want you to think McCain is a liberal so you won’t feel bad about voting for him because you can’t stand the thought of either Billary or Obama as president, es verdad?

Actually, I like McCain but he and I part ways when it comes to the war in Iraq. His support of the Bush-way is a deal-breaker. And as much as I hate to say it, especially because I am not getting any younger, McCain is a bit on the long-in-the-tooth side.

It’s still looking like I may vote once again for Willie Nelson, not that he’s any spring chicken his ownself …

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