We no longer have to justify the war, so now we can be hypocrites

It didn’t take me long to miss my first televised GOP debate. I missed it completely. Thank heavens.

I just kind of let things slide when in previous debates the idiot crowd of radical Republicans cheered for Rick Perry killing 200 people in the Texas death chamber and hollering with joy at the thought of letting some old person die rather than give them government health care. I figured, they’re idiots, what can you say?

But when I found out that during the debate I didn’t see that the right-winged rabble booed a U.S. soldier speaking by video from Iraq because he was gay I kind of figured enough is enough.  The Tea Party jugheads can boo and hiss all they want to against someone for whatever reason. Dissing a person who is risking their life for their country is a different matter.

Whatever happened to the big “Support Our Troops” craze? I say craze because that is all it seems now to be. Maybe it was all just a reason to sell magnetic ribbons for cars. Like good ol’ John Prine sang of another war Americans forgot about in the latter 20th century, “But your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore/they’re already overcrowded from your dirty little war … “

Remember the outcry over the Dixie Chicks? They were boycotted because native Texan Natalie Maines said while onstage in London:  “We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”This sparked a controversy by right-wing talking heads such as Sean Hannity. The excuse for the ire was that the Texas-based Chicks were speaking ill of the president and commander in chief while the band was overseas during a time of war.

We’ve remained in war, at least in Afghanistan and we still have troops who still face danger in Iraq. Suddenly, it’s okay to boo a U.S. soldier in a country where violence still happens frequently; at least the vocal part of the GOP now says so. So what has changed? Let’s see, maybe it’s the party affiliation and the color of the president. You think?

Activists who spoke ill of the Iraq war when GW Bush was president were labeled “traitors” who should be punished, according to some right-wing windbags. Now one of the leading candidates for the GOP nomination recently labeled actions of the Federal Reserve chairman “almost treasonous.”

I understand it all, of course. It’s just that good ol’-time righteous hypocrisy the right does so well. It is the same kind of hypocrisy that allows Mr. Righteous to praise the Lord and testify on Sunday morning, then go home and watch the football game with his friends while getting s**t-faced and cussing up a storm and talking about all their sexual conquests and extramarital affairs and cheating their business customers out of their well-earned dollars.  You might as well boo the “fag” even though you yourself was far too chickens**t to join the military whether it be peacetime or war. Hell, you had things to do and money  to make.

Yes, brothers and sisters, give me that ol’ time hypocrisy, it’s good enough for GW and Cheney, it’s good enough for me.