‘Weather’ or not you like it, a change is going to come

The first “cold” front of the Fall has just passed through after a rainy afternoon with some nice thunder to accompany it. It is technically a cold front because of cooler air. But in reality it is a cool front. The cooler weather makes that abundantly clear.

I took some movies back to the Redbox at a local Walgreen’s and when I got out wearing a polo and shorts, it felt definitely more chilly than it has been for several months now. The wind helped make it so. From what I can tell, the temperature is in the upper 60s. I expect the temps should fall to the lower 50s tonight or the upper 40s at its lowest. It is just a nice little “cool spell” that usually makes it down south here in Beaumont, Texas, at this time of the year.

A respite from the summer heat is usually welcome by this time. It hasn’t been one of those super hot summers that sometime creep into late September or early October. We don’t normally have too much variation in weather in these parts though it isn’t a place which has no variation in climate as I’ve hear some people complain.

Those who know me and/or have read this blog over the years will know I am a warm weather person. But I enjoy a little change in the season. Actually, if I had my “druthers” I would prefer a constant temperature in the daytime because I am not a person given to dressing in “layers.” I know that particular style is something that one probably does not think much about if they reside in a place where layer dressing is just a fact of life.

Of course, I am not particularly fond of it being really cold outside and then having to go inside where it is stifling hot. Then again, the weather is what the weather will be and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it except complain or praise it.

The truth be told I am usually up, by the time it normally comes, for one of those “blue norther” cold fronts where the temperature goes shooting down at a really drastic manner. I have seen the temperature over time drop 40 or more degrees in a short period of time.

Change is just one of those little things we deal with in life. We may like it, dislike it, or not care but the weather isn’t one of those parts of life which complaining about it will do any good. As the saying that has found it’s way to the land of sports cliches during the last few years, it is what is. I might add, it isn’t what it’s not. I’d go on but I am worried someone might want to hit me on the head with something and that would be something that is what it is but isn’t what it should.