Weathermeister: “We’re not out of the woods at all yet.”

Our local Channel 6 Beaumont weathermeister, Greg Bostwick, errs on the side of caution most times when hurricanes are concerned. He seems to think Tropical Storm Issac could might possibly may hit more of a western track which might put it somewhere in the Southeast Texas area. “We’re not out of the woods at all yet,” Bostwick said a few minutes ago. If I didn’t quote him exactly sorry. You get the drift. Or will.

Greg has been at Channel 6 for, I don’t know, a long time. He is the best TV weatherman or weatherperson in the greater (as opposed to not greater) Beaumont area. He comes off sometimes as a bit full of himself. That can happen when someone is for a long period, the cock of the walk or vice versa. I guess I can’t blame him no matter how much he annoys me at times.

All of that really doesn’t matter when it comes to hurricanes. Bostwick seems to stick his neck out sometimes when I don’t think he should, as in saying, no way Jose. Somehow I can’t imagine him saying that, by the way. But when he does sound cautious on the side of an approaching storm. I listen a little bit.

And I keep a close watch on the National Hurricane Center, the spaghetti models and the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters out of Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Miss.

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