Well, download me into an empty ketchup bottle!**

Downloads are the bane of my existence these days. Since replacing my hard drive, this and that and some more of this, has been showing up begging like a needy child: “Download me.” “No download me.” “Please, please, please.” Okay! Enough already.

These little annoyances would be just that, annoyances, were it not for the 5 gigabyte data cap on my present Verizon wireless Internet plan. That will change with the new 10 GB limit I signed up for today, along with the supposedly faster speed of my new 4G network, USB modem. Yes, I know there is a lot of jargon here and it means little to me, too, except in dollars and cents. In short, the 5 gigabyte plan I have has normally been enough for me since I don’t download “Gone With The Wind” or whatever else might eat a lot of data. I do like to download music but I don’t do a lot of it because of my 5 gig cap. Once breaking through that magic cap, my bill just gets higher and higher. I don’t like that.

Since I was due for an upgrade on my wireless plan I decided to go for an extra 5 gigabytes at a cost of $20 more a month. I also decided to forego unlimited text messaging and do the as-needed route for $0.20 per message. I didn’t have enough text traffic to justify spending an extra $10. As long as my friends and I text judiciously, I should be okay under my new configuration.

I have heard both good and bad about the 4G. That it is faster. That it isn’t. That it is contrary. Well, the 3G that I have has been all that as well. The speed has increased and has become more stable since 4G came to my town. So I shall give it a whirl. I have a few weeks to try it out.

Actually, I didn’t mean to sit here for this long, writing about all of this. I’m sure if anyone reads this the interest would probably land in the “Like Watching Paint Dry” grade, if not worse. But if you have soldiered on through it, I congratulate you and reiterate the rules here. After all, you must be the four or five regulars (Yes, our readership has doubled over the past five years.). And if you are a regular you know that the writing on EFD is meant to entertain 1) The writer and 2) Anyone who is left over.

I could have said in one sentence that you might not see much if anything here for a few days due to closing in on my current data cap.

But I didn’t.

**This is an expression of exclamation I just thought of which happens to have nothing at all to do with this post. It’s is the type of utterance my grandma — who was born in the late 19th century — used when she said:”Well I’ll swan!” Or maybe it was “Well I’ll swanny!”  Other than to gather that she meant, “Why I’ll swear,” or as I liked to say in the 70s and still do sometimes: “Wow man!”  I’ve not the foggiest what “to swan” means. Here is an educated guess. I don’t know why the ketchup bottle. It was just there.