What a drag it is getting bored: Snore, uh there’s a trial on cable news?

Today I took sick leave because I somehow aggravated my lower back problem yesterday. I should be in bed but you can only take so much. The same goes for the cable news gavel-to-gavel coverage of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

The grilling of 19-year-old prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel proves that much of even the most engaging felony trials can be as exciting as watching paint dry. The witness isn’t to blame. If anything, this friend of victim Trayvon Martin should have been given an award for putting up with excessive badgering from defense attorney Don West. Being that Jeantel is a key prosecution witness, it is understandable West would do everything he can do to damage Jeantel’s credibility. But West kept at it, over and over and over and over again. Enough already, Dude! This is just my assessment and you should know I am not an attorney nor do I play one.

To make matters worse, the networks all seem to take commercial breaks at the same time so one gets the inanity of tampon and insurance commercial just as a little interest is showing in the trial.

I wouldn’t say I am an expert but I have had my ass numbed many a time sitting in court and waiting for someone to say something interesting that I might write down that probably would not find its way in the newspaper. My experience in court trials ranges from the paint drying of a complex case to a few very interesting cases which made national headlines. So I can say with a little experience that courtroom dramas aren’t often very dramatic. All of that isn’t lost on the cable networks. Once the case drags, off the show goes to the talking heads and the commercials.

In short, this lack of excitement wants me to search some for some real entertainment or just go to sleep. I hope I feel better tomorrow.