What in the world is going on?

I’ve been watching a little of the press conference held by Pennsylvania state troopers regarding the shooting at a small Amish school. Meanwhile, out West in Las Vegas, some schools are locked down while cops look for a teen with a gun. One has to ask, what is the deal with all these school shootings lately?

This type of thing seems to happen over and over again. It also takes place with different types of people who do the shooting and with varying motives. From where does all this sociopathic behavior come? Is our society really that screwed up? I guess to kids today, such incidents are a way of life even though they are thankfully uncommon. But I just don’t get it.

Even though I don’t get it and probably many factors are to blame, I’m sure people will find plenty of scapegoats to blame. Republicans will blame Democrats. Democrats will blame Republicans. Anti-gun people will blame pro-gun people. Bush will blame Al-Quida and will want to suspend habeas corpus. God only knows what kind of weird crap the good Rev. Pat Robertson will come up with.

What a wonderful world.

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