What is all this weird stuff outside?

This weird machine is sitting outside my apartment complex. With its tracks for moving around and its upward tilt of what appears to be pipes, it somewhat reminds me of a rocket launcher. Actually, I think it is kind of a high-tech roto-rooter. A pipe is going into the ground and there is a tiny screen on the operator’s console. Perhaps it is inserting a tiny camera through the underground water pipes. I do know that they are working on water pipes because all of the areas around the water meters from my apartments up past the next block are dug up. Or at least I suppose they are working on the water lines.

Then again, with the looks of this, I’m not sure what they are digging for. This outline in the hole they dug out front bears a slight resemblance to a body outline. Oh come on! If you look hard enough you can see it! Maybe they are really digging for Jimmy Hoffa outside. After all, I read that the FBI is looking for Hoffa’s body again. Although, you don’t see many instances of city water crews digging for long-dead bodies, especially without any police in sight.

Maybe I’ll just ask them what kind of work they are doing outside my apartment. But then, what fun would that be?

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