What's down that black hole?

Methinks this pipe looks into a black subterranean hole. But then, is what I think really important?

Today was very windy. It was a lot windier than Christmas day when my friend Sarah and I went to the beach. That was also when I took the above photo. I don’t know what the pipe is about. It’s a rusty pipe but it seems pretty firmly planted in the ground. I still wonder just how far down that pipe goes. I bet if I really wanted to, I could find out when and why that pipe was placed there on McFaddin Beach, Texas. But I have more pressing things to do. Like watching NCIS. I know, I know. That’s pretty pathetic. I only went out once today, by the way, and that was to run down to the corner store. My absence from outside didn’t have anything to do with it being a blustery day. I was tied up on a project that seems harder than I thought it would be after I thought it wouldn’t be hard right after I thought it would be damn near next to impossible. Got that? Good. Later dude and dudettes!

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