What’s in a name? Let SSA fill you in.

This has been a very long, hard, cold and rainy day although I really intended to write something once I came home from work, something perhaps to warm the heart and stir the soul. Well, that ain’t gonna happen. Here lately I have come to write somewhat less frequent than in days past. It isn’t that I have lost interest in writing, rather it seems as if my energy has been zapped.

Whether this lack of energy has surfaced due to workload, aging, perhaps physiologically based or by part or all the reasons stations, I couldn’t tell you. Which reminds me, I need to take my monthly B-12 shot shortly. Not that it’s any big deal. Perhaps it is a bit of an ordeal. It takes only a few minutes. The biggest inconvenience is getting all that “juice” to drip, drip, drip into my syringe. From there, you just stick it right on in the arm.

Having re-established contact with an old friend who now goes by her given name rather than her nickname that she used in college made me look into her, seemingly common name. It is all too involved for me to take this on as a a topic this evening. SAW-ree! Perhaps another day. But take a look at this handy site concerning popular American names that is published by none other than our own Social Security Administration. Check it out.

Find out about your name, your mamma’s name, your grandma’s name and what you named that little one. By the time you figure it all out, you might even remember your own name.