What's up with Pakistan?

When some country far, far away from the U.S. is undergoing some political crisis — a coup, state of emergency, etc. — I don’t often investigate the situation very closely. Sadly, that has not changed with the latest crisis in Pakistan because that country has quite a bit of significance to the U.S. For you see, Pakistan’s dictator, President Pervez Musharraf, is the only — I hesitate to say friend — ally of the U.S. in that part of the world and just how much of an ally is questionable. Also, Pakistan’s got nukes. Wouldn’t that make a cool T-shirt, not: “Got Nukes.”

What I do know is this:

**Musharraf has apparently reneged on a promise to democratize Pakistan which included holding elections and possibly sharing power with Benazir Bhutto. Thus, the president (and general) has proclaimed a state of emergency.

**Bhutto was the first woman to lead the government of Pakistan but fled to exile after corruption charges were leveled against her, her husband and associates. Such charges may or may not be valid.

**Bhutto graduated from Radcliff and is one helluva good-looking woman.

And that’s it. That’s the sum of my knowledge about what’s up with Pakistan. I guess though that I better start boning up on my Pakistani knowledge. And no, I wasn’t trying to make the last sentence as a double-entendre.

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