What's with the dogs lately?

Day 14 and Vivi the show Whippet remains missing. Meanwhile, I have my own dog problems. I’ve come close to being attacked by dogs twice in the last three days.

I was out for a walk Sunday on Harrison Avenue when this dog that looked otherwise friendly came running at me. It began barking and snarling at me perhaps a foot or so away. I don’t know what type of dog it was. It wasn’t a so-called “dangerous” breed, a term with which I have issues. It was a really pretty dog but it had a bad case of the “territorials,” I suppose. I managed to pick up not more than a twig and threatened the dog. It backed off and I got home with all of my parts intact.

This afternoon I was walking down Evalon Avenue when this momma pit bull accosted me. This dog was, like the one I saw five or six blocks away on Sunday, showing me what big teeth it had. I found a somewhat flimsy stick near by and thrashed at the dog but that only seemed to piss the dog off even more. Finally, I guess it got tired and I was allowed to leave with all of my parts intact.

In the Waco suburb where I lived prior to moving back to Beaumont, I had made a habit of carrying a broomstick with me on my daily walks. The stick had been given to me one day when a genuinely bad ass dog came after me. All I could do is swing my hat at the dog. That fortunately set off a car alarm and a guy inside the house I was walking by brought me the stick.

I would hate to have to start toting a stick around with me for my daily walks. I don’t particularly like to use a stick for walking and I like even less having to use it with which to threaten a dog, or even strike a dog if I am attacked. The favorable solution to my problem would be for those people keeping these dogs to have them in a place that is both safe for the dogs and safe for the public. Otherwise, they should call the Humane Society and put them up for adoption. I don’t want to hurt a dog and I don’t want one hurting me either. It’s a pretty simple proposition.

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