Where there's smoke

Okay, I know that where there is smoke there is fire. I learned that one long ago. The trouble is when there is smoke and you don’t know where the fire is located.

Smoke has enveloped my portion of the Upper Texas Coast this morning. It looks as if God had exhaled a Lucky Strike factory. It’s got an organic smell to it, so at least one of the chemical plants is not on fire.

I could probably make some calls to find out where this smoke is coming from but it would not serve much of a purpose other than to satisfy my own curiosity. And, of course, it would arm me with knowledge when I walk down the street and somebody says: “It sure is smoky.” Then I could say: “Yeah, _ _ _ _ is on fire.”

Now I have my theories about where this smoke has originated and I have narrowed it down to several sources. a)The coastal marshes south of here are on fire. b)The coastal marshes in Louisiana to the southeast are on fire. c)Smoke is wafting up from Central America. d)The smoke is coming from Mexico. e)The smoke is coming from a KISS concert.

I just know that it is smoky out. But even though the state environmental agency says the air is unhealthy because of high PM2.5 levels, it wasn’t too bad walking in it this morning. The heat and humidity at 7 a.m. was probably pushing the heat index up close to 90, and that’s not too spiffy. But at least I wasn’t choking from the smoke. So maybe it’s going to be a good day after all.

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