Where's the Veep?

The biggest political game right now is the “Veep Stakes” or “Whoseitgonnabe?” I am sure some enterprising college students could make it a drinking contest — something such as a chug is mandated whenever one hears the name “Joe Biden” or “Joe Lieberman.”

Is McCain really considering Lieberman for VP? That would be a very strange choice, I think. What would really be ironic is if we had another 2000 fiasco-standoff in Florida and this time a bunch of smug young Democrats would be standing in front of cameras and talking on their cell phones while holding signs that read: “McCain-Loserman.”

There are several smart choices Obama could make — Biden if he keeps his trap shut or Bill Richardson or a few others — but both presumptive presidential candidates will probably pick some slug who will “guarantee” them a victory.

Ah, let the games — if they haven’t already — begin.

What’s with the — already?

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