Who's wearing you?

I’m just back from the doctor and the laundromat. I don’t feel a whole hell of a lot better but my clothes certainly have that fresh smell.

While at the laundry I noticed a pair of jeans tumbling around in the dryer and for whatever reason I thought it looked like it might be fun to be a pair of jeans. Those jeans looked so carefree tumbling around and around. I imagined it to be kind of like going to the amusement park for those jeans.

“Wheee! I like going on that dryer ride with my shirt and underwear friends!”

Okay, whatever. Now if someone was to put me in a dryer and start feeding it quarters I don’t think it would be very amusing. But pants? Why not?

Thinking about being a pair of jeans going to Six Flags Over Laundry led, of course, to thinking about the life of a pair of jeans.

If I were jeans I would certainly be blue jeans. Not to get smutty but I think I’d prefer to be a pair of women’s jeans and worn by someone whose figure makes me look like a million bucks! Okay, so maybe people won’t really be noticing me all that much if I’m worn by someone with a knockout body. But lest I remind you, this is MY fantasy here. Ah, I can just see me out on the town, twisting the night away! Ultimately, I’d also want to be worn by someone who would take care of me and not send me off to Goodwill in my golden years.

Such thoughts beg the questions: What if we were reincarnated as clothing? What article of apparel would you be? Who would wear you? It’s kind of a fun thought in a way. But yet, it’s also a bit creepy.

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