Why can’t we just chill out?

We here at the institution are still in kind of a holiday mode but we continue to watch the situation with North Korea very closely. That and we also keep a close watch on any football that might be worthy of watching. The Cowboys and Saints game turned out to be an interesting game. I suppose you could say the same about Texas and Texas A & M provided you like to see the complete dismantling of the team that played for and lost the national championship last year (or was that this year?)

The USS George Washington goes to the Yellow Sea off Korea shows the United States can also do a little saber-rattling.

I heard a guy, I believe he was from the Cato Institute (and no it has nothing to do with Bruce Lee or the Green Hornet) say that the firepower on board the carrier George Washington which is in the Yellow Sea of Korea could obliterate North Korea. Perhaps, but I have also heard that would be after probably more than a million people could be killed on the Korean Peninsula should the goofs up North attack.

Seems as if the best way is for North Korea not to get into a war in all. Why can’t we all just watch football — soccer, American, Australian, whatever — or just chill out?

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