Will it rain? Will it not? Do you really care?

Mr. TV Meteorologist said summer may be nearing its end here. That’s a pretty bold statement although I have seen Septembers with fall-like temperatures down here on the Texas Gulf Coast. I’ve also seen hot-ass Septembers here. I remember mid-September 2005. Hurricane Rita came calling. Folks went without electricity from a week’s time to a month. No A/C except in your car. Hot sucka!

The same TV weather god says a low pressure mass in the Gulf may give us a good bit of rain starting at the end of the weekend. The National Weather Service keeps going back and forth on the percentages. I hope the weather guy is right. I think we need a good soaking.

I hope you don’t have plans this weekend that get flooded. If you do, make the best of it. Get some movies. Get your favorite food and adult beverages. Or just sit out on the porch and watch the rain. It a good form of meditation. Enjoy!