Willie: My heroes have always been funny

It seems so seldom that I laugh these days. I need to laugh more. Maybe I should move to Colorado.

A week or so ago Willie Nelson did make me laugh. Willie was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Kimmel’s show was in Austin all that week for South by Southwest in Austin, the annual conference and festival to make more people pay attention to Austin. Willie’s joke:

 “A guy is coming out of an antique clock shop with a new grandfather clock as a drunk comes stumbling down the street. The guy bumps into the drunk, falls down, and busts the clock all to pieces. The guy gets up and says to the drunk, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” The drunk says,”Why don’t you wear a wristwatch like everyone else?”

I laughed. Shotgun Willie and Jimmy even sang a funny duet.


In recent times I noticed Willie’s voice struggling. That’s nothing. Some would say he always struggled with his voice. But I never felt that way. His voice sounded masterful on this performance, like it did when I saw him live 45 years ago, and again 35 years ago. I don’t know why his voice was so much smoother, especially now that he’s in his 80s. Maybe he smoked a big fat hooter prior to coming on.

Whatever the reason, I thank Jimmy and my man, Willie, for an entertaining few moments.

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