WTF, San Bernadino?

 Another massacre. Does it really matter if it foreign terrorists, religious fanatics, anti-government, mass stupidity, etc. etc.? I suppose it does but for the moment just cops, bad guys.

My friend Paul, e-mails me from Tokyo he has awakened to this. The first thought as I stand in line at a CVS that, man I still can’t believe I am communicating in relatively real time. That’s a strange thought because I was in my 30s before using a computer as a matter of routine.

Just now a Los Angeles TV helicopter from KABC, is showing a shot up black SUV. The suspect reportedly fled the mass shooting in a black SUV. The reporter from the helicopter says there is a body, possibly a long gun at his feet. Police officers are staying back to ensure there isn’t someone else or a bomb in the vehicle. Live, in (somewhat) living color TV.

Lots of cops, lots and lots of cops. CNN reporting that a police official says one suspect is down. I am watching the live scene in a San Bernadino, apparently it is not a long distance from the scene of the senseless slaughter of at least 14 dead and 17 wounded. Sorry if I use an oxymoron “senseless and slaughter.”

I will write more later. How much later, I don’t know. ‘Scuse any errors. This is being hastily done because so much is taking place. Later.