“You say it’s your birthday … ” Well I suppose it is, Sir Paul.

Paul McCartney, or “Sir Paul” as he is known across the pond, was born 74 years ago today. McCartney, with his left-handed bass, his wide-ranging voice and his writing prowess, will forever be linked with the Beatles. It was a group that changed the world in some ways.

Birthday Boy: Sir Paul McCartney. Creative Commons photo
Birthday Boy: Sir Paul McCartney. Creative Commons photo

But McCartney since splitting with the Beatles in 1970 has done quite well for himself, introducing succeeding generations with the “Liverpool sound.”

McCartney wrote or co-wrote, and sung too many songs that I am at a loss to pick any number of favorites. That’s a task made even more difficult when surveying the Beatles body of work because, even though Paul may have been the primary vocalist, I always saw the band as a true group.

Wings was likewise a true group, although there was no discounting the star that rose on those stages they played was McCartney. Still, Wings also turned out many albums and songs I liked.

Both Wings LPs’ “Band On The Run” and “Venus and Mars” were fabulous. But those albums were from the 1970s, and by 1978 there was a “Wings Greatest.” That was even though, a previous work, the triple-set, “Wings Over America,” carried versions of past songs including a few from the Beatles.
There is not much else for me to say, other asking anyone reading to put on a favorite song performed by Sir Paul, either with the Beatles, Wings, or with whomever else. Oh, and here’s to having many more birthdays, old chap!

A couple of my favorites:

“Hey Jude”

“We Can Work It Out”

“Mrs. Vanderbilt”

“Venus and Mars Rock Show”

“Maybe I’m Amazed”

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