You too can be a royal heir

One knows if the day is going to be a good one when a real Nigerian prince sends you an e-mail.

Yep, I heard from:


Now it might surprise one if Prince William Duke inherited a sum of money from his royal majesty father. Prince says the amount is $65,000,000 in good old American bills (One would hope Prince didn’t have the entire sum in pennies).

It might even surprise one a bit more to know that said Prince wants to give me some of his $65,000,000 U.S. In fact, Prince and the other royal heirs want to give me 20 percent of $65,000,000 U.S. Isn’t that swell?

I am also very pleased to know that the origin of Prince’s royal windfall did not come from some shady source because Prince William told me so. Therefore, I can rest assured that the FBI won’t come knocking on my door or have the NSA reading my brain waves. This is fantastic. I am so lucky, I might as well be struck by lightning!

Now to all of those people out in blogland (let’s deviate a little today and not use the ‘sphere word)don’t fret. Because all one has to do is flip on the computer, look at the e-mail and one’s very own prince with a princely sum of moolah may be waiting.

Please don’t everyone log on at the same time.

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