Perino: Can you say “dumb as a box of rocks?”

It should be reassuring to know that the woman who speaks for the person whom some say is the most powerful man in the world is just a mere mortal. But then we find out that spokeswoman, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, is a bit too mortal. Or one might even say is dumb as a box of rocks.

Truly, I would be willing to give Blondie the benefit of the doubt. But, I just can’t do it in this case. I think that the White House Press Secretary should know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was all about, regardless that it occurred a decade before she was born. Giving her a pass because it happened before she was around would be like excusing me from knowing the United States won the civil war it fought with the Southern, Confederate States of America because, after all, it happened some 90 years before I was born.

No, there is just no excuse for Dana Perino not knowing about the time the U.S. was as close to nuclear war as it had ever been.

In all reality, I am sure Perino has got something going for her other than being telegenic. She reminds me of a newspaper reporter I once worked with. He was young and had recently received a master’s degree, something you don’t come across that very often in a newsroom. But I could only shake my head when he admitted that until recently he had never heard of the Beatles. Actually, it made me want to slap him repeatedly. I didn’t slap him, of course.

I hope that the welfare of our nation doesn’t ever have to depend solely on the likes of Dana Perino because if that happens, we will truly be in deep doo, unless of course a pretty face is what’s required to save us.

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