Meaty Mondays: College Street Soul

Bloggers Note: Since I am going to write this ridiculous blog no matter what then perhaps I can sometimes bestow upon my unsuspecting public a little knowledge that may (or may not)do them good. With that in mind I hereby introduce the first of a new EFD feature called “Meaty Mondays” in which I will review some restaurant or other eatery where I grabbed an eat during the previous week. Just because it is “Meaty” doesn’t mean that it is entirely dedicated to carnivorous pursuits. But you can pretty well bet your ass that I won’t be spending a lot of time reviewing Vegan hangouts either. Just a fair warning because hell hath no fury like a bunch of disappointed vegans. Which brings me to today’s Meat: The soul of College Street in Beaumont, Texas, Richard’s Cafe. Hit it Richard!

If you can sit in a half-dark old eatery and hear a Zydeco version of “Poppa Was a Rolling Stone” while you chow down on oxtail or ribs or pork chops then you either have to be sitting in the little joint just off to the side of St. Peter’s Way Station or else you’re in Richard’s Cafe at 2510 College St. in Beaumont, Texas.

There is nothing fancy about Richard’s ‘cept the food and it is fancy as in elegant down home soul. The wall has a weird flower mural with a lighthouse, the tables and chairs look like they were brought in sometime after the Great Flood but as long as there is something hot there under the steam table then you won’t worry about it anyway.

Richard’s got the baddest pork chops in town and that usually is my pick but today I felt a little adventurous and opted for the ribs. They are done up in a bright red sauce that makes you want to rub it all in your face and hands and hair if you have a face hands and hair, or even if you don’t. And tender? Sho’ nuff they’re tender. I also went with the dirty rice which is stout and I can’t quite still make out the deciding flavor but I know what I like and I like it. You can’t go wrong with cabbage and greens as well, especially when you got your pepper sauce and a few little chunks of cornbread. All of which is then ready to be washed down with a glass of tea about the size of the Sears Tower on the Windy City’s skyline.

There is just no getting around it. You got your soul food and then you got Richard’s soul food and Richard will win every time.

I don’t know what the hours are because it said “5 ’till” on the door, so we can take that to mean … 5 till something. Okay, here is the price primer today:

Arm — $10 or so. No second mortgage required.

Leg — $10-$50. Hey bro can you spare an extra Hamilton?

Arm & a Leg — >$50. Uh, can you hook this chain around that there ATM for me? Thank you, thank you very much.

Richard’s Cafe
2510 College St.
Beaumont, TX

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