18-wheeler vs. either pedestrian or bicyclist

Police had the Fourth Street Underpass in Beaumont blocked off earlier this afternoon when I was returning home from Mercado de Familia. Being the curious (nosy) person that I am, I parked and walked just uphill from the underpass where paramedics were working. A TV camera guy told me the accident was supposedly an 18-wheeler vs. a bicycle. I really couldn’t see the bicycle but did see two 18-wheelers parked in the street. I was not close enough to tell anything about the victim. You have to think that either a bicyclist or pedestrian vs. 18-wheeler is not a good situation — like any accident is — but both pedestrian or person on a bicycle do not have great odds against an 18-wheeler. Hopefully the victim isn’t hurt badly. Still, it’s hard to be optimistic about something like that.

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