Local nuggets

KBTV-TV Channel 4 in Beaumont reports that the scene I came across yesterday at the Fourth Street underpass indeed involved an 18-wheeler hitting a man on a bicycle. Both the man and his fiancee were riding bikes in the roadway when the man lost his balance. The accident left him in critical condition.

Also reported by Channel 4, Beaumont police were shot at last night trying to stop some genius for violation of a noise ordinance. The guy ditched his car but was caught a bit later.

Beaumont police have started a supposed crackdown on these rolling noise factories you hear coming for miles. I don’t guess they have been able to catch the pimped-out maroon car that belongs to people who live behind me on the next street. The pictures on my wall and glass in my windows start shaking when these kids pull up in their yard. Many times they will just sit there with their obnoxiously-booming bass permeating the neighborhood air. Twice I’ve called police on them but I doubt they have talked to these guys.

I always fantasized about some kind of “death ray” for car stereos. I would have some kind of device that I could fire from a car with an invisible wave that would fry the electronics of these sources of aural disturbance. Hey, you got to dream.

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