2015 and I still don’t like how some people park their cars

On New Year’s Eve I spent the night visiting two great friends I had not seen in quite some time. Although I was driving the same Tacoma pickup I drove when I last saw them, when I allowed their two young boys to play in the back of my truck, the boys are now college age and attending The Citadel in Charleston, S.C.

SubstandardFullSizeRender-1My friends, their kids, their kids’ friends, some neighbors, and I all enjoyed celebrating in the far northwest suburbs of Houston. The neighborhood association there had erected signs saying the use of fireworks were prohibited but the party who were attending this party chose to ignore the signs, as so it seemed, did most of that area of northwest Houston. I have been in cities where gunfire was just as prevalent for celebrating as fireworks and still did not hear the booming and banging that was heard ushering in 2015.

So there it was on the first early morning of 2015 that I found myself with several of the many things I like in life: good friends, amiable people, adult beverages and fireworks. I suppose I could throw in my Tacoma since I’ve had it since 1997 but it is in part still remaining because I can’t afford a new auto.

It didn’t take me very long in this new year to find some of those parts of life of which I dislike. On this the second day of the new year I took a picture of one of those disliked portions of my world: Call it what you want. You could call it a photo of someone who had parked their car askew, thus presenting an opportunity in which another motorist might have found themselves without a parking space under certain circumstances.

The male of the couple of friends I visited once proclaimed that he liked backing his SUV into a spot because “it looked cool.” He was only semi-joshing. And I have nothing against backing a vehicle into a parking spot. However, I once backed massive fire trucks into a bay that had little space to spare and I guess that I never got over that.

I don’t mind someone backing their automobile into a parking spot. That is considering that they back that vehicle in for one vehicle. I don’t care if someone parks their car straight into a spot or if they park with the car or truck resting on its rooftop. Just, by God, park it for one car or truck!

I wish all my friends and others deserving of my good feeling a happy 2015. As for those miscreant sons of bitches who park askew I only wish for them an infestation by fleas from a thousand camel’s asses. No specific reason for the infestation originating from a camel or it’s arse. Fleas from a jackass’ ears might do just as well. Just don’t take up two parking spaces for your one automobile and we should have a happy start, at least, to 2015.