Jon Huntsman Jr. plans to rock the GOP, and maybe the presidency

Had I not been last evening destroying everything accumulated on my computer since I bought it I would still not have watched the Republican debates. The pundits said Michelle Bachmann came off extremely well. I guess she is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Or a nut in humans’ clothes.

Perhaps things may be turning up a notch in the GOP race for the presidential nomination. Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. reportedly will announce for the presidential race. There is a lot of buzz about him by the punditry given his former government service and a semblance of common sense. His resume includes having been a governor of Utah. Whether he will be just another Mormon running for president like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be the million dollar question.

Millions of dollars are objects familiar to Huntsman as well as his fellow Morman GOP candidate Romney. The former is the son of Huntsman Sr., of Huntsman Corp. fame and one of the world’s richest men. Such money may have allowed Jr. to indulge himself in life’s pleasures such as playing in a rock band. Of course, if he had talent in basketball he might have played for the Utah Jazz. Or even the Miami Heat. That’s a joke. The Dallas Mavericks stuffed the Heat in the NBA Finals this week, as you all may or may not know, while LeBron James choked. Poor LeBron. He brought it on himself though. That is a whole ‘nother story. (For a picture of the Huntsman dude with his band.)

One of my brothers e-mailed this rant from some guy who said the media was hiding the truth from the public that the Republicans have no chance of beating Barack Obama in the 2012 race. That is preposterous of course because the media couldn’t hide Easter eggs. This dire prediction came from someone on the right. I don’t know why the guy thought such a thing. I’d say the Republicans do have a chance of beating Obama if they can get all the wingnuts on board with a moderate like Huntsman Jr. Of course, Junior will have to move a little to the right. Just how far he moves is the key factor. If he moves too far he won’t get the Independents who are discouraged by Obama. If he doesn’t move far enough, he won’t get the nut brigade. Speaking of eggs, it’s like walking on them.

So far the GOP has had a pretty motley crew of nut jobs, wanna-bes and has-beens. Huntsman Jr. is something different and could be the chosen one, provided he knows the secret handshake. Should it be Obama-Biden against Huntsman Jr. and, well the current pack aren’t much to look at for VP either, it might just be a race. As I see into the future, it’s a matter of jobs, jobs and more jobs. Or maybe not. If I knew everything I’d have a new pickup truck and a place to summer where it’s not quite as hot as it is right now. But I don’t, times three.

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