50 reasons to enjoy life

Yahoo’s Pop-Up Blocker on its toolbar told me how to make those annoying spyware messages go away. So it seems to be working for now at least.

In the meantime, I am going to be busy turning 50 tomorrow so I doubt I will do a whole lotta blogging. What am I going to do for my birthday, you may ask? Besides freaking out you mean?

No I’m not really freaking out. Not yet. One way to look at it is I will at least be turning 50 as opposed to not being here. Some of my friends didn’t make it nearly that far. And even though I may have a few creaking joints here and there, I still have some young ideas. I think I really do need to start enjoying life more though as well as doing some things I might not otherwise do. Exactly what I’m talking about, I have no clue.

As for plans tomorrow, I do have plans for tomorrow night but the details have yet to be nailed down. We shall see what we shall see.

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